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Agreement on data processing for the application.

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By submitting your application to the Joint Degree Master Program in Transcultural Studies, you agree that your home institution may disclose your personal data, as provided by the application form and obtained by your home institution as a result of your enrollment, for the following purposes in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Agencies (Law No. 59 of 2003, amended in 2017, Japan), the General Data Protection Regulation of the of the European Union (GDPR, if you are an EU citizen), the State Law of Baden-Württemberg on Higher Education (Landeshochschulgesetz, LHG), the Directive of the Ministry of Science on the Collection and Processing of University Applicants’ Personal Data for University Administrative Purposes (Hochschul-Datenschutz-Verordnung, HSchulDSV BW), the State Data Protection Act of Baden-Württemberg (Landesdatenschutzgesetz, LDSG), and the data protection policies of Kyoto University and Heidelberg University:

  1. the processing of your application to the joint degree program; and
  2. the administration of your enrollment at the partner institution, including the exchange of information regarding grades and credit points (provided your application is successful).