Ecocinema: From Plastic Garbage to Art

Course Type: Lecture
Study Focus: VMC
Term: Fall

Teacher: Mitsuyo WADA-MARCIANO

Course Code: JK19001

The search for a sustainable life is a pressing issue in Japan, especially after the Fukushima disaster.

However, those of us living in Japan are uncertain about where to start and how to proceed. This course will examine “ecocinema,” focusing specifically on films from the U.S., P.R.C. and Japan that tackle issues of nuclear power, agriculture, and sustainable life. By examining those issues in different regions, we will imagine how global sustainability might look and what roles our transcultural communities might play in the future.

Course Information

Module: Research 1-3
CATS Requirements: BA 4th. year or above

Day/Period: Wed/4-5
Location: Sem. 12
Credits: 2

Course Goals

First, students will learn about a wide range of issues in present global ecology and a variety of documentary films categorized as “ecocinema.”
Second, students will learn how to analyze those films. They will study, step-by-step, how to approach and analyze the medium of film.
Third, in developing and writing their final essays, students will hone their ability to produce a persuasive paper. During our final two to three weeks, all students will present their final essay topics to the class.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS.

Evaluation is based on active participation + attendance (20%), leading discussion on reading materials (10%), short reaction paper (20%), presentation (10%), and final paper (40%).