Kyoto U Research News

The Joint Degree Program features in the newest issue of Kyoto University’s bi-annual Research News.

KYOTO U Research News is the university’s bi-annual publication on cutting-edge research, trends in education and on its international activities.

The Spring 2018 issue underscores the university’s commitment to research and education in the humanities and features a round-table discussion between KOSUGI Yasushi, Professor at the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, INAGAKI Kyoko, Dean of the Graduate School of Education, ABE Hiroshi, Professor at the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, YAMAUCHI Yutaka, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Management, and Björn-Ole KAMM, Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Letters and coordinator of our Joint Degree program. A transcript of their discussion entitled “Humanities 101: A Kyoto approach to history, society, and the study of humanity” about current scholarship in Kyoto can be found in the print- and PDF-version of the Research News. A deeper treatment of the discussion accompanies this publication in the form of an interactive webpage.

KU_researchnews_vol4 Cover