JDTS Student Interview (Kurenaimoyuru 紅萌)

JD student Carla Labat de Hoz was interviewed about her research by the Kyoto University magazine Kurenaimoyuru.

Kurenaimoyuru (紅萌) is Kyoto University’s medium to communicate with a general public. The biannual magazine is published every March and October. In each issue, current students, graduates, and faculty members present their experiences and research, be it their individual theses or a large, international project.

Issue 37, March 2020, includes an interview with Carla Labat de Hoz, a 2nd year JD student with Heidelberg as her home institution, and currently writing her MA thesis on the transcultural dynamics of LGBT+ Discourses in Japan and the construction of sexology discourses in the early 20th century.

You can access her interview directly here (in Japanese) or download the whole issue as a PDF here.