You may view and download the course syllabi for the JD Transcultural Studies below. The PDFs contain the name of the lecturer(s), date and time as well as an abstract for the courses’ content where available.

You can access more detailed descriptions of courses offered at the GSL via the Kyoto University Student Affairs Information System (KULASIS) and via the Information System of Heidelberg University (LSF) for courses at the HCTS (You do not have to log-in to view the course information on the LSF).

Current Term
Course Syllabus for Spring and Fall Terms 2019: PDF.
Module “Introduction to Transcultural Studies

Next Term
Please be advised, that individual courses as well as rooms and times may be subject to change! Check KULASIS for up-to-date information.

Past Terms
CATS Syllabus for Spring & Fall Terms 2018
CATS Syllabus for Spring & Fall Terms 2017CATS Syllabus for Spring & Fall Terms 2016CATS Syllabus for Fall Term 2015