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Downloads & Forms

Description of Modules (KU version, March 2020) [valid for students who enrolled by April 2023]
Description of Modules (KU version, January 2024)
Master Thesis Registration and Declaration Form (Heidelberg)
Cover Page and Declaration against Plagiarism for Master Thesis (example, to be used for submission at HDU)
Cover Page and Declaration for Research Integrity for Master Thesis (example, to be used for submission at KU)
Writing Style Sheet (CSL style to be used with zotero)
Grade Conversion Agreement between KU GSL and HDU HCTS


Kyoto University Academic Calendar
Kyoto University Library Catalogue

Kyoto University Central Student Support
GSL Graduate Affairs Office
Kyoto University International Service Office (KUISO)
Kyoto University Handbooks for International Students
KULASIS (Kyoto University Student Affairs Information System)
STEP (Kyoto University Supervision & Thesis Platform)
Kyoto City
Kyoto University European Center Heidelberg Office (in Heidelberg)

Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies
Heidelberg University Academic Calendar
Heidelberg University Library Catalogue
Heidelberg University eLearning Platform
Heidelberg University Central Student Administration

Heidelberg University International Relations Office
LSF (Information System of Heidelberg University)
Heidelberg University Student Services (“Studentenwerk”)
Heidelberg City
Heidelberg University Office, Kyoto (HUOK, in Kyoto)