Focus Advisors


The focus advisors offer counseling and support to students in their respective study focus. They assist students in general study planning, as well as in developing a thesis idea and finding the right supervisor.

Furthermore, they are responsible for assessing the fit of courses attended at other institutes (imports) or at the partner to a student’s chosen study focus and their research plans within the program. Students are therefore required to have them check such course choices ahead of time to ensure that they can be counted towards the JD TS.

Consultation Hours

Prior registration for the office hours is mandatory. Make sure to send an email from your student account stating your full name and your concern/question in advance.

Office hours do not take place during semester breaks. For a possible individual appointment during that time, please contact your advisor as mentioned above.


Focus Knowledge, Belief and Religion (KBR)

Consultation hours: By appointment.

Focus Society, Economy and Governance (SEG)

Consultation hours: Wed & Thur  13:00 – 17:00

Focus Visual, Media and Material Culture (VMC)

Field of Cinema Studies
Consultation hours: By appointment.

Fields of Media Anthropology, Popular Culture
Björn-Ole KAMM
Consultation hours: Wed 11:00-12:00