Björn-Ole KAMM is responsible for the program’s general coordination, administration and application management at Kyoto University. He is in charge of the teaching coordination and planning and provides guidance for current as well as prospective students on all general matters of their studies, from the application process to matters of study planning and going abroad to the partner in Germany.

For students at Heidelberg University, please refer to YAMAMOTO Takahiro and the MATS examination office of the HCTS.

In Kyoto, KURATA Shōko at the Office for the Promotion of International Exchange (OPIX) also assists students with enrollment, housing, and financial supports.
Contact: info[a]

Consultation Hours

Making an appointment via email to: info[a]

You may also want to consult the following documents (PDFs!):

For general information on your student status (enrollment, leave of absence, etc.), please contact the GSL Student Affairs Office. Also please be advised that the coordinator cannot provide specific academic guidance. If you need help to, e.g., find the right internship to prepare you for your master thesis, please contact your academic advisor, i.e. your supervisor.

Transcript of Records

Together with the graduation certificates a transcript of records will be issued automatically. If you need a preliminary transcript before then, e.g. for an application, you can generate one with the certificate-issuing machines located at the campus. You can find information about their operation, location, and operating hours here.

If you need further copies of certificates after graduation, please refer to the procedures detailed here.

For a Transcript of Records during your time at Heidelberg University, please refer to the website of the MATS coordination office.

Confirmation of your status as JDTS student

To prove your general status as student of Kyoto University, please use your official student ID card and the matriculation certificate you can generate with a certificate-issuing machine (see above).

The program coordination office can issue you a confirmation specifically on your status as student of the JD Transcultural Studies. To do so please provide the following information in writing:

  • What is the specific reason for the letter?
  • Should the letter be in Japanese or English?
  • Do you have a specific contact person? (If so, please provide their full name and postal address)

Please plan at least 3 working days for the processing of such a letter. Depending on the work load of the coordination office this might also take up to a week.

International students might at one point need to prove their study progress to extend their visa. This is coordinated by Kyoto University’s International Service Office (KUISO). The office provides an Application Form Preparation System for this purpose.