Eligible Supervisors

Below you find a list of academic staff who are authorized to serve as supervisors/readers for your master’s thesis. Please make sure to always contact them well in advance, i.e. in the planning stages of your master’s thesis! We also highly recommend that you have attended at least one course with them so they already know you and vice versa. Your main supervisors will be one staff member from Kyoto University, and one affiliated with Heidelberg University. For the oral defense in Kyoto, two more staff members (preferably from the CATS program) will join the examination board.

If you are uncertain who might be the right choice for you or would like input on your thesis idea, please contact your focus advisor.

1) Kyoto University Joint Degree Transcultural Studies Main and Affiliated Staff

* Supervision is possible for students enrolling until April 2024.

2) Co-Examiners: Academic Staff (professors, associate professors, and senior lecturers) associated with the CATS Course Program

Please consider the list of academic staff participating in the Courses on Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) program.

3) Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies Professors

On an individual basis, other professors from Heidelberg University and other authorized faculty members (PDs, “Mittelbau”) may serve as your supervisor. However, we advise considering one of the above HCTS professors first.

See also the information given on the Heidelberg MATS website.