East Asian Origins: Ancient History and Material Culture

Course Type: Lecture
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TeacherYOSHII HideoSHIMOGAKI HitoshiTOMII MakotoErika Angela FORTE
Course Code: JK23001

In this special lecture, we offer an overview of various archaeological studies about the prehistoric and ancient East Asia, with the results of our researches and studies.

We also examine the characteristics of the archaeological studies of the East Asia in Japan, by comparison of the studies in Europe and the US.
The department of archaeology in Kyoto University has excavated archaeological sites in Japan, Korea, and China, and has gathered various artifacts from all areas of the world. These archaeological data will be introduced in this special lecture.

Course Information

Module: Research 1-3
CATS Requirements: BA 3rd. year or above

Day/Period: Mon 5
Location: Archeology
Sem. Room
Credits: 2

This special lecture will be offered in accordance with the following general structure. The detailed plan for each class will be announced in the introduction.

1_Introduction (1 week) Hideo Yoshii
Introduction of the special lecture.
2_History of the East Asian archaeology in Japan (3weeks) Hideo Yoshii
This section will outline the history of archaeological investigations, studies and gathering artifacts in Japan, Korea and China by Japanese archaeologists,
3_Prehistory in Japan (3weeks) Makoto Tomii
This section will outline the history of the study of Japanese prehistory, and focuses on the material culture of Mesolithic (called “Jomon” period) as well as Paleolithic and Early Neolithic, with showing some researches to exploit the potential for contributing to the world prehistory.
4_Archaeology of daily life cultures in prehistoric and ancient Japan (3weeks) Hitoshi Shimogaki
This section will outline prehistoric and ancient daily life cultures (clothes, foods and toilet) from structural remains and artifacts excavated in Japan.
5_The Eastward Transmission of Buddhist Culture from Archaeological Perspective (3weeks) Satoshi Naiki
In order to assemble knowledge about “origins” of Buddhist culture, Kyoto University has conducted researches in Buddhist sites in China and Central Asia. In the lectures, how Buddhist cultures were transferred into East Asia will be discussed on the basis of archaeological information obtained by Kyoto University.
6_Discussion (1 week) Hideo Yoshii
7_Feedback (1week)

Course Goals

By the end of this special lecture, student will get familiar with the artifacts of East Asia, and have general understanding of the issues about the prehistoric and ancient archaeology in East Asia.

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Evaluation is based on attendance and participation: 40%, and course essay: 60%.