Film Screening and Asako Fujioka’s Talk

The Transcultural Studies Division will hold an event entitled “Film Screening and Asako Fujioka’s Talk” conducted by Prof. Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano.

Date & Time: January 11, Tuesday 15:00-18:00
Location: 41, Yoshida South Campus Bldg. No. 4(吉田南4 号館 4 共 41)(MAP92)
Language: English
Welcome all people who are interested in cinema and media studies.

If you have any questions , you may contact Prof. Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano at wadamarciano.mitsuyo.6w[a]

Please find the seminar poster here: PDF

Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences(日本映像学会報 No.192)

Joint Degree Master in Transcultural Studies(JDTS) was featured in the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences Journal(JASIAS).

The Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences(JASIAS) is an academic organization established in September 1974 to promote the study of image arts and image sciences. The society consists of people who have academic or creative interests in photography, motion picture, television and other audio-visual communication media, and aims for a broad contribution towards progress in image culture.

Issue 192, October 2021, includes an article about JDTS written by Prof. Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano, Director of Joint Degree Transcultural Studies.

You can see the article here or download the whole issue as a PDF here (in Japanese).