SocSci Research Methods in Education

Course Type: Lecture
Study Focus: SEG
Term: Fall

Teacher: KAWAI Junko

Course Code: JK38004

This course will examine various approaches and topics in the study of Japanese education, culture and society through reading sociological works on Japan.

Education is a complex subject partly because everyone, having been educated, has a personal view about what education should be and should not be. However, generalizing from one’s own experience can be dangerous. This is one of the reasons why sociological
perspectives become important in the field of education.

Students will also learn the nature, purposes and methods of social science research in the field of education and each students will experience a small-scale research project to explore practical aspects of what students have learnt in class. Students will have opportunities to take a close look at what is happening and what has happened in Japanese education.

Course Information

Module: Research and Advanced Studies
CATS Requirements: BA 3rd year or above

Day/Period: Wed/2
Location: Sem. Room 1
Credits: 2

Course Goals

・To understand sociological perspectives in education and the importance of social science research in education
・To gain knowledge of various research methods and to experience one of them
・To develop interests to participate in cooperative projects with members from various cultural background.
・To enable students to sharpen their skills in critical analysis through structured reading, discussion, written assignments and small scale research project.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS.

Participation to the group project and class activities (30%), short reports(30%), and Final report(40%).

To JDTS/MATS students: This is course can be taken as either reduced (4 ECTS) or full seminar (8 ECTS).
Please indicate your ECTS requirement to the teacher.

Grading for JDTS/MATS full seminar students.
The grading policy for JDTS/MATS full seminar students are same as above. Details are as follows.
・Short reports 1 and 2 (30%)
・Report 3 (40%)
・Class Participation (30%)

Grading for JDTS/MATS reduced seminar students
・Short reports 1 and 2 (40%)
・Final presentation handout (20%)
・Class Participation (40%)

Class participation includes i) Presentations (one short introductory presentation (5min.) of your topic and a final presentation), ii)Introducing assigned readings,and iii)Participation in discussions and activities in regular classes.