Digital games in a transcultural perspective

Course Type: Lecture
Study Focus: VMC

Teacher: Martin Erwin ROTH
Course Code: JK39001

Digital games are widely recognized as a global culture. However, the term global remains vague in most discussions, to say the least.

In order to gain a more nuanced understanding, this class aims at discussing the
possibility of a transcultural perspective on digital games. Discussing a wide range of dimensions and examples of transcultural elements in digital games, participants will develop a toolkit for analyzing games and gaming culture from a transcultural perspective.

Course Information

Module: Research and Advanced Studies
CATS Requirements: MA 1st year or above

Day/Period: Tue. 4
Location: Sem. 2
Credits: 2

Course Goals

The course provides an understanding of relevant transcultural theories of and transcultural aspects about digital games. It enables students to analyze digital games, gaming culture and other aspects of digital media culture from a transcultural perspective.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS.

The course will be evaluated based on active participation in the discussion (30%), a short presentation (30%) and an essay on any transcultural aspect of digital games or gaming culture (40%), based on a six-point grade scale. The evaluation will be based on the course objectives.