Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian Cinema: Frames of Identity and Alterity

Course Type: Lecture
Study Focus: VMC

Teacher: Orna RAVIV
Course Code: JK46001

This course examines Israeli cinema and Israeli-Palestinian through philosophical and aesthetical lenses, exploring the intersection of film and philosophical concepts.

It will investigate Israeli cinema from the philosophical perspective of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and the ethics of Emmanuel Levinas. The course will analyze selected Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian films and explore philosophical themes such as embodiment, identity, alterity, memory, and representation.

Course Information

Module: Research and Advanced Studies
CATS Requirements: BA 3rd. year or above

Day/Period: Feb 3-7, 10, 12-14, and 17/3 or 3-4
Location: TBA
Credits: 2

Course Goals

The course encourages critical thinking and engages students in cross-cultural dialogue, enabling students to appreciate how regional themes and local protagonists can also be relevant to Japanese audiences.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS.

Attendance & Participation: 25%
Final Assignment: 75%
For Graduate students: a 10~12-page paper.