LGBT Studies Ⅱ

Hiroshima Gender Equal Opportunity Foundation hold “LGBT Studies Ⅱ” as a part of the lecture series.

In this course, you will learn deeply and correctly about gender and sexuality, and share that knowledge with many people.

The theme is “Identity-Reconsideration-A New Approach of ‘Queer Visions'”.

How should we perceive identity?
Japan is still male-centered and has a strong patriarchal power.
What can we do to eliminate discrimination and live happily in such a community?
The key concept is “Queer Visions”.
Let’s think together with some videos as examples.

Talk by Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano(Kyoto University) , Yuka Kanno(Doshisha University), and Kazuya Kawaguchi(Hiroshima Shudo University) .
Date&Time: March 14th (Sun) 13:00-16:15
Participation fee: 2,500yen
Location: ESSOR Hiroshima (

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