Advanced Skills for Humanities Research in English

Course Type: Seminar
Study Focus: Foundations
Term: Spring

Teacher: Kjell ERICSON
Course Code: JK07001

This course aims to develop the academic skills of students specializing in the humanities, and assist them in furthering their participation in research with an international audience. It will focus on reading, writing and discussion/ presentation in English.

At the end of this course, students will have developed their analytical skills, furthering their understanding of research in English. The intensive reading and writing practice will have helped them acquire and use the vocabulary, grammatical structures, and modes of expression characteristic to academic papers; through presentation and discussion practice, they will have improved their ability to express opinions about complex academic topics in English.

Course Information

Module: Skills for Transcultural Studies
CATS Requirements: BA 3rd. year or above
Link to course material on PandA.

Day/Period: Wed/2
Location: 1演/Sem. 1
Credits: 2

This course is mandatory for all first-year JDTS students with a TOEFL score below iBT 100.

Course Goals

Students will acquire advanced English language skills for academic research.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS or the PandA platform (the enrollment key is provided in KULASIS and also during the first week of class).

The course involves weekly reading and writing assignments as well as student presentations.