Philosophy of Science in Japanese Context: Advanced Introduction to Philosophy of Science

Course Type: Lecture
Study Focus: KBRSEG
Term: Spring

Teacher: ISEDA Tetsuji

Course Code: JK12001

The aim of this special lecture is to introduce the participants into the field of philosophy of science using a recent textbook, Recipes For Science.

The textbook covers basic topics of philosophy of science using many concrete examples from scientific practice. In this semester we go through chapters on the definition of
science, experimental method, models, inference and probability. Through lectures and class discussions, this class try to convey the basic concerns of philosophy of science.

Course Information

Module: Focus 1 – Foundations
CATS Requirements: MA 1st year or above

Day/Period: Fri/2
Location: Sem. 2
Credits: 2

No background is required, but if you are not familiar with philosophy of science in general, please read some introductory book by yourself. Okasha’s introductory book (Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction) is recommended.

Course Goals

To understand philosophical way of looking at science. In particular, this means understanding philosophical arguments and positions covered in the lecture.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS.

The evaluation will be based on two papers (50% each). The papers can be either in Japanese or in English.
The points of view of the evaluation are the understanding of the content of the class and appropriate application of the understanding to concrete cases.