Transcultural Cinema Forum (2018/10/9~2018/11/20)

The Transcultural Studies Division hold lecture series as a part of the course, “Transcultural Asian Cinema” conducted by Prof. Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano.

This course offers an introduction to the analysis of contemporary Asian cinema, especially focusing on their transculturality by inviting seven worldly acknowledged scholars. We will examine the concepts of “Asia,” “cinema,” “transculturality,” and then expand our discussion to “national cinema” (including Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean cinemas), “transnational cinema” (e.g. Chinese language cinema), and “world cinema.” Our goal is to unfold the ways in which these categorizations/terminologies have been constructed, both in the discipline of Film Studies, and through multimedia platforms, including international film festivals. To this end, we will view recent films from Asia and read the new works from emerging scholars. We will ask questions such as: What are “Asian cinema” and/or “transcultural cinema”? Are they distinct from other cinemas? How has cinema constructed “Asia” and/or “transculturality”? How do Asian cinema and/or transcultural cinema relate to the public? Together, we will explore different ways that these questions have been answered, contested, and deferred.

Date & Time: October 9, 13, 30, November 6, 9, 13, 20  14:15-18:00
Location: Except for Nov 9: Seminar Room 10(第10演習室), Faculty of Letters
Nov 9: Basement Meeting Room(地下大会議室), Faculty of Letters
Language: English
Free to All

Please find posters here: PDF