Feminist Theory

Course Type: Lecture
Study Focus: KBR
Term: Spring

Teacher: Justine LE FLOC’H

Course Code: JK09002

The objective of this seminar is to read and discuss some classical feminist texts of the 20th century (Beauvoir, Crenshaw, Depreciado, Gilligan, hooks, Lordre, Sedgwick, Shiva, Spivak, Ueno, etc.).

The discussion will aim at understanding the historical context and the key points of each texts, and also at appreciating the echos and the gap between the 20th-century feminist theory and the challenges regarding gender equality that we are facing today, in our different cultural backgrounds. This seminar will be based on a participative discussion, where each participant may be teaching and learning from one another.

Course Information

Module: Focus 1 – Foundations
CATS Requirements: MA 1st year or above

Day/Period: Wed/3
Location: Sem. 8
Credits: 2

Week 1: introduction.
Weeks 2-14: Group discussion on a book chapter or an article on a weekly basis.
Week 15: Feedback.

Course Goals

  • Provide students with an understanding of the key concepts and issues in gender studies
  • Highlight the diversity of perspectives in gender studies
  • Promote gender equality and encourage the fight against discrimination
  • Develop students skills for collective discussion about gender issues

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS.

Short quiz will be assigned on a regular basis, mostly in order to encourage and validate the reading routine (about 3 quiz in the semester).
Each student will also develop a personal research project on feminism in Japan (i.e. an interview of a researcher or a public figure; a presentation of an activist association; a book review, etc.).

Active participation and attendance: 20%
Short quiz on the readings: 30%
Essay: 50%