Millennial Zeitgeist & Auteurs of Korean Cinema

Course Type: Lecture
Study Focus: VMC
Term: Spring

Teacher: CHOI, Jung Bong

Course Code: JK11006

Im Kwontaek, Park Chanwook, Hong Sangsoo, Kim Kiduk, Lee Changdong, and Bong Junho. These are most outstanding and internationally acclaimed directors of South Korea at the dawn of 21st century.

Course examines key works of the representative auteurs of Korean cinema against the backdrop of millennial zeitgeists such as diversity, ecology, equality, empathy, and hospitality.

Course Information

Module: Focus 1 – Foundations
CATS Requirements: BA 3rd. year or above

Day/Period: Thu/4-5
Location: Lec. 9
Credits: 2

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Course Goals

This course help students to 1) grasp each auteur’s unique themes, styles, and perspectives manifest on their representative works; 2) explore how their cinematic works address the nation’s collective hope, aspiration, fear, and rage; and 3) see if they resonate with or deviate from global zeitgeist of new millennium.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS.

1) Film Viewing and Analytic Piece: (50%)
2) Class Participation and Presentations: 20%
3) Final Term Paper (30%)