Multilingual Reference Managing Workshop

The Transcultural Studies Division invites Prof. Frank Bennett (Nagoya University) to hold a workshop on Juris-M, a cross-platform, multilingual reference manager (July 7, 2018).

Juris-M is a variant of the widely used, open-source reference management tool Zotero and the only reference manager with full support for Asian languages. As Zotero’s multilingual version, Juris-M is capable of storing and handling references in more than one language. By adding information on script, language and transliteration schema to entries in the user’s library, Juris-M generate citations and bibliographies from these variants (such as the romanized form of Japanese) to be used in word processors like Word. Furthermore, Juris-M uses (editable) styles to adjust citations and bibliographies to the user’s specifications.

Date & Time: July 7, 2018 (Sat) 13:30-16:30
Location: Yoshida-Izumidono (Kyoto University)
Language: English

The workshop is aimed at graduate and advanced BA students in the social sciences and humanities who work with multiple languages.
Please register until June 30 via E-Mail to: register[at]
(Please state your name, study major, study year and let us know if you have experience with reference managers. Slots are limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis).
Registered participants will receive further details before the workshop date (you will need to bring a laptop to the workshop).

Frank Bennett Photo

Frank Bennett is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Nagoya University, and has worked with Zotero since 2008. Juris-M began as MLZ or Multilingual Zotero and is the only open-source reference management tool with multilingual and also legal support.

The workshop is part of the course “Basic Research Skills.”

Workshop Poster: PDF.