Basic Research Skills (Tutorium)

Course Type: Seminar (Tutorium)
Study Focus: Foundations
Term: Spring

Teacher: Björn-Ole KAMM
Course Code: JK06001

This course introduces useful and essential skills of academic research to new students in the Joint Degree in Transcultural Studies program.

Starting with a consideration about research in general, this course will ready the students step by step for carrying out their own research projects within the JDTS programme. In particular, they will learn general academic skills (of, e.g., using reference systems, finding topic-related literature in the university library and electronic databases, time management), and effective strategies for preparing good resentations and term papers, including practical advice on formalities and layout. Main questions we will address are: Where and how do I find literature for my presentation and term paper? How do I prepare and give a good presentation? What does a term paper look like? What makes a good term paper? What needs to be included in a term paper? How do I quote correctly and create a bibliography? How can I manage my time efficiently?

Course Information

Module: Introduction to Transcultural Studies
CATS Requirements: MA 1st year or above
Link to course material on PandA.

Day/Period: Wed/4
Location: 2演/Sem. 2
Credits: 2

This course is mandatory for all first-year JDTS students. Please bring your own laptop to each class session.

Course Goals

Students will acquire basic academic skills of research, and obtain general ideas about how to prepare and give good presentations and to write neat term papers.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS or the PandA platform.

Every participant is expected to carry out his or her own small research project and give a short presentation in the course. The course involves weekly reading and writing assignments as well as a final term essay.