Introduction to Transcultural Studies

Course Type: Lecture & Seminar (Tutorium)
Study Focus: FoundationsKBRSEGVMC
Term: Spring

Teachers: ASATO WakoBjörn-Ole KAMMSomdev VASUDEVAMitsuyo WADA-MARCIANO
Course Code: JK01001 (JK02001)

Foundational lecture series that introduces students to diverse disciplinary approaches enabling them to frame their own studies of transcultural phenomena and perspectives.

The concept of transculturality can be used both as a heuristic device (e.g. multi-perspectivity and multilocality) and focus of study (e.g. cultural entanglements).
It is embedded in a large and very heterogeneous landscape of theoretical and methodological approaches that come from various disciplines and cover different thematic, historical and geographic areas.

Jointly conducted by four researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds, this lecture class will discuss the contributions and limitations of inherited and current notions of transculturality. Focusing on three study areas, “Knowledge, Belief and Religion,” “Society, Economy and Governance” and “Visual, Media and Material Culture,” and the respective fields of research of the lecturers, theories and methods will be tested, e. g. in explorations of diasporic cinema and cultural identity politics, circular movements in the development of
“Modern Postural Yoga,” and the relationship between patterns of migration and modes of institutionalization.
The goal of the course is to introduce students to diverse disciplinary perspectives enabling them to frame their own studies of transcultural phenomena and perspectives.

Course Information

Module: Introduction to Transcultural Studies
CATS Requirements: MA 1st year or above
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Day/Period: Mon/3 & 4
Location: 3演/Sem. 3
Credits: 2 (+2)

The outlined lecture series will be accompanied by a weekly discussion session (“tutorium”), in which students receive guidelines for short essay writing, which is the regular homework for this course, and also discuss the content of the lectures and the readings to clarify their understanding of transculturality. Participation in this class is not mandatory for CATS students but highly recommended.

Please note: The first weeks of the course will be offered online (remotely; see information on PandA).

Course Goals

Students will gain insights into the historical development of theories of transculturality and their application in practical research in the humanities and social sciences. This will allow them to formulate own study projects and prepare them for research dealing with the creation and crossing of cultural borders, entangled histories and forms of circulation.

Course Schedule and Evaluation

For a detailed course schedule, please visit KULASIS or the PandA platform.

The course involves weekly reading and writing assignments. Final evaluation is based on a written examination.